Are Your Customers Loyal? Improve Loyalty and Customer Retention

Customer loyalty is build through a consistent prompt response, in person, through email and on the telephone. The key to building a strong customer base is by providing existing and potential clients or customers what they need.


The smart business owner values his customers and works consistently to keep them happy. The old adage, “the customer is always right” is a good one to follow for a successful business. How well are you doing in satisfying the needs of your customers?


Defining Customer Service


It’s easy to talk about customer service – it’s difficult to provide the type of response needed to keep customers loyal to your brand. With the current level of competition in our ever-growing business world, your business can stand out through superior customer service.


What is customer service? According to the authors of Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective, customer service can be defined as, “a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.


Customer service consists of a variety of responses; a FAQ page on your website, one on one interaction, an online chat support, etc. And, of course telephone support. How does your phone customer service function? Do you have an automated system or a person answering the phone? Are people routinely directed to voice mail?


Designing an Effective Customer Service Response


People want to talk to a real person. They want the old fashioned, “how may I help you?” voice on a phone. The successful business model uses personal, real-time interaction for helping customers with issues. Why? The satisfied customer is more likely to remain loyal to your business and more likely to talk about their level of satisfaction with friends and colleagues.


Depending on the size of your business and your internet presence it’s important to have an online component for addressing customer needs. The online chat is a good tool and gives people the option of how they want to connect with your business.


Telephone service is vital to running your business. A live voice helps to establish credibility, gives a sense of presence and location, and enhances the feeling of connection. Customer service is about more than simply addressing problems as they arise. It includes being able to answer questions about the nature of your services, operating hours and prices. When someone calls for directions or to get a quote an answering machine or busy signal represents a lost opportunity.


Answering your business phone with a pleasant, knowledgeable voice is the most effective way to engage and retain clients. If your business is such that dedicated staff to answer the phone is not possible consider using a telephone answering service. They can provide a range of services, from the live virtual receptionist, to relaying messages and scheduling appointments.


A telephone answering service makes the one-person business feel like a larger business. It allows you, the owner, to attend to vital day-to-day operations while the business phone is answered by trained personnel. A live voice on your business phone means that customers have the answers to questions promptly and efficiently. A happy customer will come back for more.


What are you doing to enhance customer service for your business clients? To learn more about keeping your customer base loyal and happy, see A Better Connection today.


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21 Feb 2013

By Walker Thornton