Mini Storage in New York City

Mini Storage in New York City

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The Big Apple is quite abundant with all kinds of self storage facilities of all kinds. The mini storage facilities have a lot of popularity too. Mini storage units are small sized self storage units which allow people to store few small sized items. These units are sometimes no bigger than a safe, but they can be as big as 6x6 feet. These sizes qualify for mini storage. All these kinds of mini storage facilities are quite easily found within the city.

Types of Mini Storage in New York City

There are all types of mini storage here. You will find the general storage spaces and the climate controlled ones. The climate controlled ones are more expensive but an increasing number of people are now looking for them. The benefit of keeping things in a climate controlled mini storage is that they do not have to bother about spoilage or attacks from molds, mildews or insects. The goods once kept in these climate controlled storages will remain almost as they are even if the storage facility is opened after several years.

The general mini storage facilities in New York City are not climate controlled. These are among the cheaper ones and most people use them, provided that they do not have something that is sensitive to temperature.

You will find that in most cases the types of mini storage found in New York City influence the security found in them. The general storage facilities, which are cheaper, are also laxer in terms of security. However, the more sophisticated climate controlled ones here are equipped with all kinds of high-tech security features. There are surveillance cameras strewn throughout and nobody except people who have rented out spaces are allowed to enter in these facilities. To add to the touch, some of these mini storage facilities take stringent measures to protect what has been entrusted to them by making biometric methods of identification compulsory.

What Kinds of People use Mini Storage Facilities in New York City

The main people who use the mini storage facilities are those people who want to preserve some important items, such as documents. Instead of keeping all these important papers and valuables in their possession, many people feel that it is better to give them the added protection of a mini storage facility.

There are people who are going for a vacation elsewhere and do not want to keep their stuff hanging around upon their return. At the same time, there are people who are moving from New York City to another city or maybe they are just looking for another bigger house within the same city they live in. All this entails using storage areas.

Why do People in New York Cities trust their Mini Storage Facilities More?

It is a very obvious statement to make that the mini storage facilities are highly secured places. They use methods such as biometric protection, card swiping, etc. Because the people of New York City know that the technology used in their city is superlative, they will likely not want to find a storage unit outside their city.

The other matter is that of convenience. There are storage facilities available at the outskirts of the city as well as in the main city hubs. It is only a matter of time for the New Yorkers to check out on the Internet where the closest storage facility is and then seek an appointment. Such convenience is what makes it easier to use mini storage facilities here.

Some Features of Mini Storage Facilities in New York City

The mini storage facilities are arranged mostly in a row and column format, so that more space utilization can be targeted. This is possible if the units are small in size.

Most of these storage units have electronic database systems to keep records of access and even of the items that are stored in the units. These records become very important in case there is a dispute later on.

One thing that most mini storage facilities in New York City will insist upon is that you must have insurance coverage for at least the valuable things that you are going to store in the facility. In fact, some storage companies will not allow you to store certain items with them in case you do not have insurance for it, or if you are not able to prove that you are indeed the owner of the item.

Remember that if you are storing something in a mini storage facility in New York City, you will need to book your place early on and you will get occupancy when a unit becomes free. However, if you wait till the last moment, there are all chances that you will not get the place you want.

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